Funeral Cover Explained

When a loved one passes away, worrying about finances, taking out loans and haggling over funeral costs is the last thing you want to do. Grief is a painful process and worrying about the costs involved with a funeral should be the last thing on your mind. Funeral cover may seem like a morbid monthly cost, but it can shield you and your family from financial crisis after losing a loved one.

One of the benefits of a funeral policy is that the pay-out time is very quick, this is because one cannot predict the timing of a death in the family. A Funeral also needs to be held shortly after the death of a loved one, so unlike many other policies (Such as life cover, which may take months to pay-out) your funeral cover policy will usually pay out within 48 hours.

Funerals are costly affairs. Depending on how many people attend and what is provided for they can start at R10 000 but can often run into the tens of thousands of Rands. Many funeral policies’ cover caps out at R30 000, although we have found certain providers that cover up to R50 000.

Your monthly premiums will naturally differ according to what you want the funeral pay out to be. It’s always advised to shop around for quotes before going with a product. Now you don’t have to because we compare various funeral cover providers and we can find the provider best suited to your needs.

When deciding on a funeral cover product, first prepare some questions, imagine what you would require and what would be important to you in the case of a death in the family. We have been able to find Funeral Cover that includes groceries to feed guests, airtime to let family and friends know about the arrangements as well as transport benefits for those travelling to the funeral. These are all things one needs to think about, but they are often overlooked.

One last thing to remember is that while some funeral covers only cover single members, we have been able to find cover that includes up to 13 family members, as well as 3 children that can be covered at no extra cost.