How to plan for your funeral? Can a Funeral Cover help?

Funerals are not a topic that many people want to think or talk about. But, as the old saying says, the only certain things in life are death and taxes. And because it is certain, a funeral is something that you can plan and prepare for in advance to give your loved ones the peace of mind and support that is so much needed at the difficult time of grieving. But how to go about planning your own funeral?

Before you start thinking of what the ceremony will look like and how you would like to be remembered, you will need to consider the costs. Funerals are becoming more and more expensive and the last thing you would want after your death is to leave your family or friends getting into debt to cover for your funeral costs. Depending on religious denominations and culture of the deceased person, funerals can have different costs, but even the very basic services can cost as much as R 7000-8000.

Purchasing a funeral cover can be just the thing that will reassure and support your family when the inevitable happens. It will also reassure you that the people you care about most are taken care of at this sad time, rather than trying to organize the funds quickly to be able to pay for all the expenses.

Think about any wishes you might have for before, during and after the ceremony. This will reduce some of the stress of deciding, choosing and planning for your family and can potentially offer them some comfort when they know that they are following your last wishes. Getting the right funeral cover that is tailored to your individual wishes will also help to add that extra peace of mind.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to think or plan for your funeral. We naturally want to avoid thinking of death and focus on life, but since death is a natural part of life there is nothing unusual in making funeral plans when you’re alive. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us by filling out our quick and simple enquiry form. Our dedicated professionals will assist you with any questions you might have.